PVC material is the most durable and densest of the three. It represents from itself foamed polyvinyl chloride. This material is often referred to as Sintra board, Foamex, Vinyl, PVC foam as well.


Because of its comparatively rigid structure PVC can be used for long-term indoor or mid-term outdoor applications.


PVC board signs are made of combining PVC cutting and printing together. Being a hard material PVC allows both CNC milling and digital cutting machine options. The cutting option depends on the customer’s wish, anyway the result is going to be the same. PVC is a widely applicable material that’s why you can see its “variations” everywhere. They make perfect Yard signs, Exit signs, Office signs, Traffic, Site, Safety, Storefront signs and especially house address and name plaques.


To get a PVC sign contact PVC foam sheet manufacturer or get a quote.