Gone are the days of leaky windows and constant maintenance; our Tilt and Turn Windows are attractive, highly efficient and easily last for decades.This tilt and turn Window is popular where an inward opening application is required, for instance, where window shutters prevent a window from opening outwards.

  It operates simply into ‘ventilation mode’, where the top of the sash tilts inwards. On closing the sash and further rotating the handle, the hinge mechanism is engaged which makes the sash swing inwards for an easier and safer way to clean windowpane.Tilt and Turn Windows are versatile, resistant to the elements and will save you a small fortune in energy costs.

  Want to buy quality tilt and turn windows? OULAI can meet your requirements. OULAI is an excellent manufacturer, producing the best tilt and turn windows. If you are interested in our tilt and turn windows, please contact us.