Aluminum gusset is a ceiling material whose raw material is aluminum alloy plate. The materials used for aluminum gusset are aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-manganese alloy, aluminum alloy, etc., and aluminum-magnesium alloy is generally used in the market. From the shape can be divided into two types of square plate and strip plate. The treatment process from the surface layer can be divided into spray-painted board, film-coated board, and roll-coated board. Among them, the peritoneum board is suitable for home use due to its relatively high cost-effectiveness, easy cleaning, and resistance to discoloration. The well-made roll-coated board is superior in terms of resistance to discoloration and durability. It is more commonly used in places with high requirements such as airport halls. Recently, some high-end brands dedicated to home improvement have used surface treatment for home improvement ceiling materials. A roll coating process has also begun.
Stainless Steel Composite Panel is a thin layer of aluminum coated on the plastic surface. Most of the surface treatment process of aluminum plate uses roll coating. According to the thickness of the aluminum plate, the price is divided. Generally, the aluminum plastic panel over 12s is more suitable for home use. . Aluminum plastic panels can be used for kitchen and bathroom ceilings, but the wooden keels and boards of the substrate must be strictly waterproofed, otherwise they will rot. In comparison, do not use any wood during the installation of aluminum gussets, which is more suitable for suspended ceilings in humid environments. In terms of cost comparison: the price of aluminum gussets will be slightly higher than that of aluminum-plastic sheets, but the cost of labor and comprehensive auxiliary materials will be higher than that of aluminum-plastic panels.