Supplier selection process
1. The Commodity Department collects and organizes relevant information of print labels suppliers based on the needs of currently purchased materials.
Organize according to the materials provided by suppliers, and establish a supplier resource information database (for
Supplier name, product name, specifications, reference price, supply capacity, account period, qualification
2.Evaluate and screen suppliers who have long-term cooperation with quality and price guarantee. Qualified supplier files are stored in the "Qualified Supplier Directory"; suppliers that have not passed the corresponding review and need to be further investigated are stored in "Alternative Supply" Business Directory》
3. Pre-screen the scattered suppliers with a total annual supply of 120,000 yuan, find multiple suppliers for comparison and negotiation, determine the pre-selected suppliers, and evaluate the pre-selected suppliers at least. It requires the participation of three parties (users, purchasing department, and finance department), reviewing and comparing according to the conditions of qualified suppliers, and including them in the "qualified supplier directory" after passing the qualification.

4. For the category of purchased goods that does not fall within the scope of purchase of qualified suppliers (a single amount of more than 10,000 yuan), an application must be made to the general manager of the use, and after approval, the commodity department will select the supplier and provide procurement The resource owner is the Commodity Department, and the user can also provide suggested suppliers. At least three parties (users, procurement department, and finance department) must participate in the selection of the final supplier and the determination of the purchase price.
5. The "Qualified Supplier Directory" are all formal suppliers. When a problem occurs with the first supplier,
When the supply is about to be affected or has already been affected, the Commodity Department will report to the general manager for approval, and may consider replacement after approval.
As an alternative supplier.
6. Every six months, the appraisal group is formed by the heads of the relevant departments that apply for the application, based on the semi-annual price.
The price increase, the quality of the goods provided, and the timeliness of delivery will be evaluated.
Continue to maintain cooperation and re-select suppliers that failed the review in accordance with the process.