Speed and accuracy are the key factors to ace competitive exams like SSC AND BANK. SSC CGL is one such exam where mathematics has a vast syllabus from simple to advanced topics. There are topics which involve complex and long calculations. To overcome the stress of calculating such numbers there is a dire need to enhance calculation speed.

Calculation speed can be enhanced by following some significant tips these are:

  • The students are advised to learn tables up to 30. It is a difficult task but it will be of great help in enhancing calculating speed. Its application should be tried and practiced in solving a variety of problems.
  • In addition to this, the students are also advised to learn squares, cubes and square roots up to 15 at least. You should also memorize all the multiplication tables up to 20, squares up to 30, cubes up to 20 and fraction tables.
  • Likewise, learning of formulas and some standard concepts will also be helpful in enhancing your speed of calculations.
  • The students should be consistent as well as regular in practicing problems as it would enhance their speed and accuracy. For self-analysis in mathematical concepts, students should also attempt mock tests on regular basis.
  • The short tricks and methods should also be learnt to solve questions in short period of time. Do apply them in attempting mock tests.
  • Furthermore, few Android Apps should also be downloaded to sharpen your skills and enhancing speed of answering.
  • In your daily life, enhance your calculation skills by performing few basic exercises like performing average, multiplications, subtractions with cricket scores while enjoying the match, reading statistics in a company’s balance sheet published in a newspaper etc.
  • The students should make notes of important quant formulas and then try to revise them again and again.
  • After completing any topic, do attempt topic tests and mock tests to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
  • After analyzing your weaknesses, do refer to subject experts and try to resolve your doubts and queries.
  • The students should try to solve problems in mind. It should be done by visualizing problems in mind. Do try to visualize problems and then try to find suitable method or tricks to solve it.
  • Do try to analyze type of problem and then try to extract all the relevant information about it. Your knowledge about concepts will help you in analyzing the type of problem.
  • Nowadays, every teacher and SSC coaching institute stress on the importance of Vedic Mathematics and its applications. You should try to learn and understand all types of techniques and methods of solving complicated problems.
  • Time Management Skills should be enhanced to match the standards of SSC CGL exam. While attempting mock tests, the students should keep a timer or stop-watch in solving problems. Do remember that you will be given less than a minute to solve one problem. Therefore, your agility, calculating speed and conceptual knowledge will be of great help to you.

In nutshell, good calculation speed will be bliss for you in scoring well in Quantitative Aptitude Section and so stress hard on these tips.

All the Best!!!

Author Bio: Above content is written and prepared from IBT Chandigarh for SSC CGL Coaching