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People use AOL mail to communicate with their friends, family, clients, and business associates. When you use AOL mail, you have an option to recognize who is the sender and email header helps you do that. There are times when these headers and contacts are manipulated in a way that misleads users where the email is coming from. This is what email spoofing is. Hackers, who are called as online villains, use it to access and steal sensitive personal data. In this post, you will understand about email hacking, its signs, and the steps you can implement to prevent the same. If you are looking for a more detailed overview of email spoofing, reaching out to professionals at the aol email customer support number will be the right choice.

Email Spoofing

It is the manipulation of the email source in a way that receiver misinterprets the source of an email. Email spoofing is a standard method generally used in phishing campaigns because of AOL users usually open emails from sources and contacts they recognize. Mostly the motive is oriented towards a financial basis. It makes users think that the email is from a legitimate source so that they open it and provide sensitive data.

Symptoms of email spoofing

Below are some points that indicate that your AOL account is spoofed:

  • You did not send any message to your contacts but still find them replying to a hidden message and providing you some information that you never asked for.
  • Receiving ‘mailer-daemon’ messages on a frequent basis and you do not have any idea about it.

How to prevent email spoofing on your AOL email account?

Although there is no guarantee that you would be able to stop email spoofing, you can try these suggestions and protect your AOL email account

  • The first thing you must do is to create a spam filter that would find out any of the spam emails you receive. It is recommended to use a priority inbox tool, which helps you to filter all the relevant emails.
  • Make sure to do thorough research in order to know how to read message headers and see the IP address of the sender.
  • You should avoid downloading unknown attachments and opening unknown links you received through AOL mail. Even if you received them from a known contact, you must ask for clarification.

Your security is in your hand, but AOL also keeps it in its priority list. In case you are already a victim of email spoofing, you must get in touch with aol email customer service and ask for further assistance.


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