The world’s leading accounting software, QuickBooks, helps entrepreneurs and accountants to accomplish their business goals. However, it’s quite an innovative software and not entirely free from errors. One of the most common mistakes that a user receives is QuickBooks banking error 102. QuickBooks banking error 102 mainly indicates that your bank’s website is undergoing some technical difficulties. Fret not, we have got you covered! Below are some of the steps that would enable you to fix Banking Error 102. And still, if you get stuck somewhere or have any issues, you can directly reach out to QuickBooks tech support to get resolved. 

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Banking Error 102:

  • If you are unable to find out “maintains” sign on your bank or credit card’s website, try to update your account in QuickBooks Online, manually.
  • Click the Update button at the top right-hand corner and “refresh all” at the top of the bank list.
  • Make sure to verify that your account details are accurate. Do log in to your bank’s account using the URL provided by your bank with Online Banking. And, if you fail to sign in, go to- Menu > Banking > Search > Add Account options.
  • Select your bank and put in “User ID/ Login ID” with “Password” and hit “Continue” or “Connect securely”.
  • If you don’t have the account, create by clicking “Add + New”.
  • After “Signing In” your account for the first time, online and CC transactions for 90 days will be downloaded overnight by QuickBooks software. Hit the “Connect” option.
  • After downloading the transaction, you’ll be automatically connected back to the banking page. Now click the “Review” tab and view the transaction in QuickBooks.
  • If you have login successfully, the next step would be to read messages, notifications or warnings that you may have received from your bank.

If you are still facing issues or more than 48 hours, you can contact our QuickBooks contact number  team, who will try to fix the errors as soon as possible.

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