In lighting equipment, landscape lights are the second element besides light source, which is easily neglected by people. At present, landscape light manufacturer(NBLOYAL) should focus on solving two problems, one is to develop high-efficiency and high-quality series of perfect lights, the other is to correctly and reasonably select lights.

It is the task of light research and production enterprises to develop high-efficiency and high-quality series of perfect lights. In the past ten years or so, China has carried out research from foundation to application, introduced new technologies, and developed a large number of lights matching the development of new light sources. Great progress has been made. However, overall speaking, the scientific research team of lights is very small, and the scale of light production enterprises is small. Compared with the advanced level abroad, there are still many gaps. The main topics for developing high-efficiency and high-quality series of perfect lights include:

1. Improve the efficiency of lights. At present, the efficiency of some lights in the market is only 0.3 -0.4. Most of the light energy emitted by the light source is absorbed, and the energy utilization rate is too low. To improve the efficiency, on the one hand, scientific design concepts and advanced design methods are required, and computer-aided design (CAD) is used to calculate the reflective surface and other parts of lights. On the other hand, optimization is required from the materials of reflective cover, diffuser cover and protective cover.

2. Improve the luminous flux maintenance rate of lights and lanterns. Work hard from the materials and surface treatment of the reflecting surface, diffusing surface, protective cover, grating, etc. of lights and lanterns to make the surface not easy to accumulate dust, corrode and clean. Take effective dustproof measures. Lights and lanterns with dustproof, waterproof and sealing requirements shall reach the specified protection level (IP level) through tests.

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