GPS unit models have again proved that it caters to its customers irrespective of the profession they may choose. Some customers do jobs either in corporate sectors or work whole-heartedly to serve their nations. Identically, those who love their nations are soldiers having an ideology that the security of citizens is primarily important. This is the reason your GPS device (of Garmin or any other organization) lets Hunt Chip access its navigation functionalities to find locations like Idaho, Oreille, and others.  

Even one can’t neglect the fact that many of the unit models of navigation company (i.e. Garmin) are compatible with the Hunt chip. These unit models are nothing but those that may fall into Oregon, Rino, eTrex, and Montana series. Now the time has come to know the features of these Hunt Chips. For this, just give a glance at the mentioned-below points: -

Regional features acquired by such Hunt Chips

Hunt chips are solely capable of generating maps of various unknown territories of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. Additionally, such regions are highly populated with a number that may exceed 217300. After you download the most compatible version of upgraded maps onto the GPS models mentioned above, you may enjoy the features mentioned beneath: -

  • State-specific features like red-alerts, danger zones and others can be easily determined with the help of the Regional Multi-State Hunt Map function. They may even synchronize well with web-map and other automatic chip updates.
  • Various names of landowners that may acquire boundaries as their properties. Such boundaries are assertively color-coded in terms of public and private lands. These color-codes can be symbolized as ID, MT, WY, NE, OK and so on. 
  • Various topographic image mappings (about 24K) of various cities, back-roads, lakes, creeks, and other springs. Such mappings may help you visualize areas (like point-of interests clearly and accurately).

Note: Users of Garmin devices always advised for Garmin Map updation so that they can make their voyaging or traveling free from barriers and hurdles.

  • Amazing waypoints and tracks of various hunting districts, campgrounds, and other state and federal agencies. 
  • Two years of extended warranty for free and unlimited access to the lifetime map updates. You may also find such chips in micro and macro formats with sufficient storage space.

After getting quick insights about the features of Hunt map for your GPS device, let’s know more about the process of using such chips with the unit models of Garmin or any other top-notch GPS organization. Now go through the below steps sincerely: -

Using Hunt chips for downloading map updates of top GPS providers

With the mentioned-below steps, one can mount assertively the Hunt chips onto any of the navigation devices like Magellan, Garmin, etc. So the first step to begin is: -

  • Unbox your GPS device and rotate the same in such a manner that you may visualize its backside in front of your eyes.
  • Now you might encounter the area where the battery is present. This time you must remove the battery cover and lift it. The event is important as you may find a slider to proceed further.
  • After you spot the slider just use your fingertips to move it towards the upward direction. Later you must use the space to insert the Hunt chip either in micro or macro formats.

Note: Before an efficient updation of Magellan map, you must double-check if or not the Hunt chip is compatible with the unit model you are using.

  • Position the chip inside the device’s tray properly and lock the slider by creating pressure in a downwards direction. 
  • At last, you can put the battery cover at the original position and turn on the navigation model now. This may help you download the map updates for your GPS devices and let you cover extra miles without any hustle.  

One can mount their respective GPS models onto the windshield area and use them either for hunting, scavenging and other outdoor activities after inserting Hunt chips. Such insertion can be implemented easily with the steps illustrated above. You can even undertake hunting safely and securely with the help of features these chips withhold.


GPS companies are generating praiseworthy feedback from its customers with the compatibility such devices show with the Hunt chips. Likewise, the award-winning benefits of Hunt chips deliver fruitful results at times you decide to traverse more than thousands of hunting spots having public or private ownership. You must not neglect the discussed above steps for inserting the Hunt chips into the slots of your navigation devices. For more information about the process of updating the map version of Garmin and Tomtom, feel free to visit our informative blogs.