Petrol Log Splitter is a special equipment for producing refined wood chips, which is mainly used in the stock preparation and processing procedures of pulping wood chips in the production industry.  The main cutting materials of the machine are peeled logs, small-diameter logs and leftover materials from cutting secondary firewood.  This machine is reasonable in structure, powerful in power, easy to operate, good in product quality and high in production efficiency. It is an ideal choice for wood chip processing enterprises and pulping industry machinery at present.

1, pay attention to rust prevention, power splitting machine motor shall not be affected with damp be affected with damp, shall not enter the water, in case the parts rust.

2, pay attention to the safety of electricity, wiring in strict accordance with the requirements of motor signs, and connect the ground wire.

  1. Before starting the whole machine each time, fill the lubricating points with oil and check whether the solid bolts are loose.
  2. No metal and sundries are allowed to be pumped into the feeding port and cutting chamber.  If any abnormality is found in the power splitting machine, the power supply shall be immediately turned off.

5, Performance Built Log Splitter must pay attention to the spindle rolling bearing temperature does not exceed 65℃, if more than 65℃, should immediately change the oil, if still invalid, should remove the bearing with kerosene clean, coated with lubricating oil, and then start work.  If the blades of the wood splitting machine with built-in performance become blunt or collapse, four blades should be ground at the same time to ensure the balance of the cutter head after installation, and the bottom blade should also be replaced in time after becoming blunt, otherwise the quality of the chipping will be seriously affected.

  1. Do not arbitrarily increase the rotating speed of wood crusher.  Generally, the difference between the allowable speed and the rated speed is 8%-10%.  When the wood crusher works with a larger power machine, attention should be paid to controlling the flow rate and making the flow rate uniform, not fast or slow.
  2. Fill grease.  The most common use is to assemble a cap-type oil cup on the bearing.  In general, just rotate the oil cup cover 1/4 turn every 2 hours and press the grease in the cup into the bearing.  For closed bearings, grease can be added every 300 hours.
  3. After the machine is started, it is not allowed to dismantle or inspect any part inside the machine.  All kinds of tools must not be randomly placed on the machine.  When hearing abnormal sounds, stop the vehicle immediately, and repair the machine only after it has stopped.

9, timely check and clean up.  At the end of each day's work, the machine should be cleaned in time to check for looseness of screws and wear of vulnerable parts such as teeth, claws and sieves.

10, carefully clean the raw materials to be crushed, it is strictly prohibited to mix with copper, iron, lead and other metal parts and larger stones and other debris into the sawdust crushing chamber.