Product Details

Chenjia restaurant equipment lineup can help you provide customers with the perfect display and experience. Chenjia 27.6-inch White Swing Door Glass Door Refrigerator (EGM-23W) has a high-quality double-pane locked glass door that automatically closes, saving you energy and accidental collisions. The powerful features are not limited to this, but the factory-installed casters make it easy to roll your new Empura device into place, saving valuable time.

Intelligent design

China Visi Cooler27.6-inch white swing door glass door refrigerator door has easy-to-grip handles for employees and customers. The tightly sealed glass door helps to ensure the temperature safety of food and products, and proudly displays the product's invitation to customers. Ask them to carefully observe the digital temperature control with LED display to help your restaurant ensure food safety standards.


In the Chenjia China Visi Cooler 27.6-inch white hinged glass door refrigerator, you will find solid enamelled steel lined with highly efficient polyurethane insulation. The 23 cubic feet of spacious internal space provides plenty of space for your food and products. A small footprint unit is required. The unit also comes with 3 easily adjustable heavy-duty wire racks.

Efficient and intelligent

Efficient refrigerators keep customers happy. Refrigerators use CFC-free refrigerants to keep temperatures between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Chenjia China Visi cooler products have passed ETL certification and are in compliance with NSF-7 standards. The product lineup offers great products at an affordable price, and long-term use of a 27.6-inch white swing glass door refrigerator can help you save money and stress.