Aluminum-plastic composite panel (also called aluminum-plastic panel) as a new type of decorative material is one of the most common materials for making signage Aluminum Composite Panel. It is the material with the highest probability of use in sign production at present. Here are the advantages and installation and construction techniques of signage aluminum composite panel for you.

The advantages of signage aluminum composite panel mainly include the following points:

Uniform color and luster: the signage aluminum composite panel has been treated by chemical formation and the application of coating technology, making the adhesion between the coating and the metal reach an excellent state, with uniform color and luster and rich color, and the user has more choice space, showing your individuality.

Light weight and impact resistance: the signage aluminum composite panel door head has high toughness, high load anti-twisting and anti-bending performance, and will not be damaged due to sandstorm in areas with large sandstorm.

Smooth and level: Strictly control the dimensional accuracy, flatness and thickness during the production of signage aluminum composite panel. In addition, due to its high rigidity, its flatness can be kept unchanged for a long time.

Rugged and durable: the signage aluminum composite panel has the characteristics of small gloss deviation, strong adhesion, weather resistance, pulverization resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, easy maintenance, etc.

Easy maintenance: the signage aluminum composite panel has good self-cleaning property and dust is not easy to adhere to it. Use neutral detergent to clean up the panel one after another.

Simple processing: signage aluminum composite panel are extremely easy to process. cutting, cutting, edge planing, arc bending, right angle and other modeling can be completed by using simple woodworking tools. the installation is simple and quick.

Flame retardant and non-toxic: the middle of the signage aluminum composite panel is a non-toxic polyethylene plastic core layer, and the two sides are wrapped with flame retardant aluminum layer, which is a completely flame retardant material.

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