We understand the importance of displaying food and beverages in the best possible manner, and take this into account in all stages of Upright Showcase design.Fan cooling system show more uniform and faster refrigeration effect.Digital controller, auto defrost easily.

  Perfect design enables customers to pick up in the shopping convenient.Adjustable shelves with integrated price&lable holdders,convenient for upright showcase goods classify.LED interior lighting makes the goods more attractive,adding to the display effect.

  Increase the evaporator design, improve the efficiency of heat transfer. Cabinet cooling faster, at lower temperatures, while more energy efficient.Luxurious appearance with seamless spicing of superior anti-collisionresistant material.We are China refrigerator manufacturer.

  Use that open counter space and place this showcase display in that spot. Customers are sure to grab up the items in the impulse display.Lighting, space for branding, mirrored doors for product depth and maximum bottle loadings are just some of the features that promote the aesthetics of your products.We are China Refrigerator Manufacturer.