The growth of plaque on teeth is one of the most concerned things about oral cleanness. It also causes bacteria to take shape in between the teeth. When plaque has taken form over a certain period of time, it is very hard to remove through the normal brushing in teeth. More rigorous brushing is required for removing plague, but the use of overmuch force can actually hurt the gums. Hence, the best option available to us is the use of electric toothbrushes. These power operated brushes can work in removing plaque and bacteria in a way better way than normal toothbrushes. They exert less pressure on the gums as well.


A dental doctor going by the name of Pete Robinson from Sheffield University in the UK held a ninety-day study on people suffering from gum disease. He asked half the group to use manual toothbrushes while brushing and the other half to use electronic ones. After three months, he observed that the people who used electric toothbrushes showed eleven percent more reduction in plaque than the other group. Even the reduction in gingivitis was six percent higher in the group using the power-operated brushes.


This research by Robinson revealed that the use of electric toothbrushes yielded better results in victims of gum disease and gingivitis than the ones using manual brushes. The reason is quite simple. The electronic ones are simply more efficient. Brushing your teeth for the same amount of time is considered more beneficial when using the battery-operated brushes. The electric toothbrush could deliver way more brushstrokes thus tackling plaque, germs, and bacteria in a way more decisive way. Plaque and bacteria are the main causes of gum disease and dentists have proved this connection a long time back. So, logically it makes much more sense to use an electronic brush as the lesser the amount of plaque in teeth, the lesser the chances of gum disease.


It is very important to check the progress of gum disease at a very early stage as this disease affects the tissue around the base of the tooth and slowly decays it. If it is unchecked, the tooth might simply fall off. The tissue around the base of the tooth can also get infected when food particles get accumulated in the crevices of the teeth. Regular brushing, especially while using an electric toothbrush, checks the growth of plaque and keeps the food particles out. To tackle the latter, flossing is also a very good option. Dentists advise flossing at least three times a week to prevent any chances of gum disease.


It is a misconception that too much brushing using an electric toothbrush can harm an already damaged tissue. Studies have shown that it is the lack of brushing that causes harm. The best idea for normal people is to take proper care of their teeth through regular brushing and flossing. These keep gum disease at bay.


 Best cheap Electric Toothbrushes


The craze of cheap electric toothbrushes is increasing day by day. More and more people are getting aware of the advantages of using an electric toothbrush over a normal manual toothbrush. These brushes not just help you in getting proper cleaning of your teeth but they also save your time.

There are many cheap electric toothbrushes available today in the market. Although, one may say that it is good to use an electric toothbrush you should be aware of the fact that all cheap electric toothbrushes are not bad. Cheap toothbrushes available today are just perfect to satisfy the needs of a common man. These are affordable and provide perfect cleaning of your teeth.


If you are willing to buy a cheap electric toothbrush for yourself and can't find one, then it is always better to search for them online. Automatic toothbrush 360 dual clean and essence power is one of the well-known and cheap toothbrushes which are liked today. These brushes are not just famous for their affordable price but are also liked due to their easy handling. They really last for long and need very little space on your bathroom counter.


You can also look for a cheap toothbrush for your kids. It is often seen that people struggle to have their kids brush their teeth. An electric toothbrush helps them in completing their job in a much easier way. While choosing a cheap electric toothbrush either for yourself or for your kid, it is very essential to give importance to the softness of the bristles and their gentleness on the gums.


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