Curtain pole manufacturer offer a little something for everyone, including those who are looking for curtains that have a romantic aesthetic. Let’s take a look at certain colours and fabrics that make for stunning romantic window treatments.

Red Curtains
The colour red is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. It is the colour of heat, passion, and excitement. Christian Dior once even referred to it as “the colour of life.” Incorporating red curtains into your home is a sure-fire way to kick up the romance, especially in the bedroom. You don’t necessarily have to go with a fire-engine red window treatment either; a nice burgundy easily brings the same warmth and romance to a space. Our room-darkening Miami Thermal Curtain comes in burgundy, and it is a steal for just $29.95 per panel.

Silver-Grey Curtains
There is something magical about the colour silver. It is often associated with elegance and opulence, and even lends an element of glamour and sophistication to a space. Silver-grey curtains are a great choice for those who want to add a little touch of unobtrusive romance to their space. The colour coordinates with just about every other colour out there, making it very easy to incorporate into the home. Check out our Colorado Linen Look Blackout Eyelet Curtain in light grey to replicate the opulence of silver-grey in your home.

Pink Curtains
We couldn’t write about romantic window treatments without including pink curtains! While many people feel that pink curtains should be reserved for little girls’ rooms, we feel that this colour is just as romantic as red. The colour pink symbolises femininity, romance, and tenderness. Whether you choose soft, delicate light pink curtains, or you go with a more bold selection like our Aspen Pinch Pleat Blockout Curtains, pink is one colour that is sure to inject some personality and romance into your space.

Sheer Curtains
So far, we have reviewed three very specific colours that make for beautiful and romantic window treatments. However, sometimes it is not so much about the colour of the curtain that you choose, but more so the fabric that it is made out of. Sheer curtains are thin and airy, and their gauzy material almost appears to dance in even the slightest breeze. A simple, white sheer eyelet curtain could be all it takes to add some romance into your space, whether it is hung alone or paired with a layered window treatment. You could also choose a sheer silver panel to really kick up the romance in a room.

As Curtain rods can be customized to the manufacturer , we welcome you to your come and purchase!