Good quality steel is used as the mechanical parts and reliable imported electric parts are used to guarantee high reliability & durability.The offered bridge cutting machine is manufactured by utilizing high-quality raw material and leading technology.

  The front-back,left-right,up-down of bridge cutting machine can locate and be controlled by the microcomputer to work automatically.It has the ability to cut max 3200mm length, 2000mm width and Max. 80mm thickness.

  Achieve fully automatic processing operation and some powerful functions, like easy-operation auto cutting, edge polishing, slotting.The table tilts automatically up to 85 degree. Table rotates 90 degree automatically by hydraulic.Using laser instrument, stone cutting machine.

  By using advanced computer control system to achieve multi programming methods.This is not a stripped down manual bridge saw, but a fully computer controlled bridge saw that is made to last.stone cutting machine is installed on a strong monoblock steel frame.