WPC or Wood Plastic Composites are common materials made by combining wood flour/ wood fibre and thermoplastics like PE, PP, or PVC. It also contains invisible chemical additives. But, some additives like mineral fillers and pigments are detectable.

The additives help in the combination of Polymer and wood flour and help create optimal conditions of processing. There are many benefits of WPC boards. One can source WPC India from reputed manufacturers.

Here are the most crucial benefits of wpc foam board:

Durability: WPC displays excellent benefits. It is water proof, moth proof, and has anti-cracking and anti-UV rays’ properties. This board is much more durable in comparison to wood board. It is able to last from 25 to 35 years. Wood boards look good but do not last long. Wood becomes faded, splintered and warped during hot summers, frigid winters and rainy springs. WPC, in comparison does not decay, rot or corrode.
Environment-friendly: WPC is made of plastic and wood flour and has no toxic chemicals added to it. Its environment quality is listed in the EO class, which is the most scrupulous environment standard. Also, it can be recycled after its usage. WPC has all the signs of green friendliness and sustainabledevelopment.
Low cost of maintenance: WPC has very low costs of maintenance. Being moth proof and water proof, it does not require much care. WPC board India is also manufactured in a range of colours. Thus, it does not need staining or painting as in case of traditional building material. If you desire, you can paint it at a later stage. It is also bug resistant, so there will come no need to replace uneven, rotting or insect damaged WPC boards.
Property of fire-retardation: Flame-retardant chemicals are added to WPC during the process of manufacture. Hence, it is non- flammable. Thus it is very safe and secure material.
Toughness and strength: After passage of time, one can notice that wooden boards are subject to cracking. But WPC boards do not display cracking and are strong and sturdy. They can endure high pressure.
Low cost: The WPC board can be made to any length, required by the customer. It is less costly than pure wood board in the long run.
Safety: In comparison to traditional building material like wood, WPC boards are splinter free and slip-resistant, making the home safe and secure for kids and pets.
Value addition: The market value of your home is increased substantially when you use WPC for fencing, decking etc. This is a great advantage when you want to sell your home. Consult WPC manufacturer in India.
Wide choice of colours: WPC offers a wide choice of colours likeeven the colour and texture of traditional wood.
Cuts costs: In the short run, wood may seem like the cheaper material. But, in the long run, WPC works out cheaper since it saves expenses on sealing and cleaning. Wood has the tendency to warp and splinter in the long run.

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