5 Things to Consider When Choosing Curtain Colors

Keep these considerations in mind as you pick curtain colors for your home.

What does the room already look like? Start by coordinating your preferred curtain style with your room’s decor. Is your design style traditional, modern, country or something else? For example, contemporary spaces favor light, simple curtains while formal rooms look more elegant with layered drapes and heavy fabrics.

Do you change decor often? The cost of window treatments can add up quickly. If you like updating your decor regularly, you might want to stick with neutral curtains and decorate around them.

Do you want to lighten or darken the room? Different kinds of curtains can dramatically affect light filtering. Sheer fabrics brighten a room, whereas heavy fabrics block out light. Pick darker curtains for bedrooms that require more privacy and light control.

Do you want to highlight or downplay your windows? Window treatments can enhance the view outside, but what if your windows overlook the neighbor’s garbage cans? A sheer or neutral curtain color that blends in with your walls can distract from a less-than-fabulous view.

Does your HOA have rules about curtain colors? If you belong to a homeowner’s association, make sure you understand their rules. Some HOAs have limitations on what can be visible from the street. You may be required to add a neutral curtain liner if your curtain color doesn’t adhere to appearance guidelines.

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