Performance Built Log Splitter evolved from the traditional wood crusher. A single crusher is only a machine capable of cutting logs, while the Performance Built Log Splitter of Cnsuperpower Log Splitter Manufacturers can also crush some veneer, straw, leftovers, wood chips, twigs, etc. in addition to crushing logs.  From the initial evolution, the traditional crusher was added with an opening, which is commonly known as a simple wood crusher. Under what circumstances can this be selected, that is, when crushing wood and straw, the crusher with two openings is used. However, the crusher with two openings is unable to process wood such as branches and board skins, so the crushing ability of hammer pieces is effective and the hammer pieces are seriously damaged after long-term use.  The multi-functional wood crusher is a crusher with different structures. The hammer pieces in the machine are strong in crushing, and 9 knives are used. One feed inlet is inclined to cut and crush logs.  One feed inlet adopts vertical cutting and is used for crushing materials such as branches, straws and the like;  The upper feed inlet is convenient to pour some miscellaneous materials for processing.

Judging from the structural procedures, Performance Built Log Splitter is very practical in forestry. It's really a multi-purpose machine that can maximize the wood materials in your garden!