The aim of this tutorial is to show you which tools you need to create a pe fitting. It is a fairly simple process using the most common operations. We will not explain each action in depth, such as how to create a line. Keep in mind to always stop the sketch after you create one, it is an essential step in Fusion 360. It is also important for you to understand that we used set measurements, but you need to adjust them accordingly. If you’re unfamiliar with the basics of Fusion 360, follow up with our software tutorial. Let’s get started!

1.Create a line 58 mm in length

2. Create the second line from the middle of the first one. It should be 29 mm. Then, create 2 planes on each side of the lines.

3. Select the vertical plane and create 2 circles, 24.6 mm and 26.6 mm in diameter.

4. Repeat that on the horizontal plane.

5. Extrude the inner circle of the vertical plane by -58 mm.

6. Extrude the inner circle of the horizontal plane by -29 mm. Remember to change the operation to ‘’join’’.

7. Select one new plane on the side of the pipe fitting and create a 26.6 mm circle.

8. Add shell to the pipe fitting.

9. Extrude each circle with 26.6 mm in diameter by 10 mm.

If you need to design threads inside to attach your pipes, we already talked about it in our previous blog post. Make sure to check it out!

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