The inside of the heating core dissipates heat while the outside is electrified. This product has constant power, weak current to control strong current, soft start soft switch, contactless switch and no starting impulse current. Safe and reliable use.

The heating core components with long service life are heated by electromagnetic induction. Constant power, through frequency conversion pulse width adjustment, the current will be automatically adjusted downwards when the voltage is high and automatically adjusted upwards when the voltage is low, thus ensuring constant electric power, the service life of the heater and the heating effect of the user.

The product is small in volume, beautiful in appearance and easy to install. Controlled by microcomputer, equipped with electronic digital signal power sensor (freely adjustable). The temperature control is accurate and sensitive, making the indoor temperature balanced. Constant temperature setting and various alarm functions are easy to operate and easy to learn and use.

After the successful development of electromagnetic air heaters with low installation and operation costs, they were quickly introduced to the market and recognized, showing their great advantages. Low long-term operation cost is its greatest advantage. Very suitable for modern families, small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, hotels and villas, greenhouses, forest farms and farms for the winter. Compared with other similar heating equipment, it has more obvious advantages.

As XingChang Fan industry, fan manufacturing has become one of the main fan/wind wheel suppliers in the domestic HVAC industry after more than 30 years of development.

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