High Performance V-Belt are powerful tools. Belt drives provide flexibility in the positioning of the motor relative to the load.High Performance V-Belt offer various advantages that you can’t get from a standard V-belt.The deep V of the v-belt can help guide the belt back into place if the alignment is slightly off.They use proper tension with the help of the tensioner.

  But, some feel that the keeping the classic “look” under the hood requires High Performance V-Belt.And if one belt does end up slipping off the others could keep your engine going for a short amount of time until that first belt causes the others to slip as well.There are many other combinations of High strength V-Belt available. Depending on what you need a High strength V-Belt for, you can find it easily or may need to special order it.

  High strength V-Belt are easily made up to the required length by hand, in seconds and can be rolled onto a drive just like a bicycle chain.They require no lubrication and don’t need a lot of maintenance.If you’re into the modernized look, you might want to check into using a serpentine belt system.And with being a smaller size High strength V-Belt the pulleys tend to be on the smaller side, making things a little more compact.