If you are asking your suppliers to have a Quality Management System that is based onISO 9001 Certification in Bangaloreyou have reasons for doing so. May be you want reduce the risk of the products, services resulting in poor results and processes or maybe your customers require you to use certified suppliers. Whatever the reason for requesting a Quality Management System certificate you want to ensure that a supplier sends you a copy of an authentic certification. But what do you do when you suspect that the certificate is false? There are a few things to consider if this happens:

Why might a company have a false certificate?

It may surprise you, but the concern about false certifications is not included in the ISO 9001 Certification standard. The standard is simply a set of requirements that can be implemented to provide originations with a quality management system that will help them deliver products and services that meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction. How this is done by the company, and how they gain certification, is not included because certification of the quality management system is not a mandatory requirement.

So, why would a organization falsify a certificate? It is hard to say, and every company that does this probably has different reasons. It could be because they are concerned about the expense of hiring anISO 9001 certification in Indiabody to audit them.It could be because they are worried about what will be found during the ISO 9001 certification audit. It may even be that they just want to claim ISO 9001 certification without having done any of the preparation and implementation required.

What can you do to check if an ISO certificate is false?

The first thing to remember is that an organization cannot certify their own quality management system needs to be done by an accredited certification body. To better understand what to look for it is helpful to know how certification works.

The process for how certification works goes like this the ISO issues a standard, and an organization will implement the standard. The company will hire a ISO 9001 certification body to audit their system and issue an accredited certificate that the system meets the standard requirements.In order to be allowed to do this, the ISO 9001 certification body needs to be accredited by the national accreditation body that monitors their work. In turn, the national accreditation body must be authorized by the IAF.


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