You can try Low Fantasy Gaming. All you've got to do will be houserule the rules. It's a Luck score along with a reroll pool to RS gold give the players more control over the difficulty of an experience, but the tools deplete as they solve challenges. Exploits provide the players a feeling of service and lets them feel badass whenever they stab a watch out or decapitate someone mid-combat.

That being said, if they do not enjoy the high-risk style of OSRS games, that's a tough ask. It is very likely for you and your team just aren't compatible. Do you think you could embrace the style that is more superheroic? What if it were. What if you adopted the character of sorcery and fantasy swords and leaned in? 13th Age might be exactly what you're searching for; it's gonzo in its very own way and unapologetically heroic. Best of luck! I hope you can achieve a compromise that is healthy with your own players.

I am a firm believer in GM & group forming a cohesive and one of a kind gaming experience and this being the"best" way to perform. They want hijinx and heroes, you want OSRS improvisation and simplicity of use, these two desires are not mutually exclusive to on another. Trust me! It sounds just like my Monday night game that is present. All these players do NOT want rules that are gritty and hardcore. They wanna smoke some pot and drink an drink and eat snacks and laugh. We play with an OSRS ruleset however we do not utilize the rules a good deal, and nearly all of my own judgements are outside the rules as written as straightforward as a x/6 chance on a d6.

My gamers toddle around the setting, socialize with all of the gizmos and gadgets, plot and hatch plans and strive towards their characters personal objectives, they become fights once in awhile since a few of the personalities are roleplayed as being utterly insufferable but they really don't fight a whole lot, possibly once every four sessions. If they move into a dungeon I really don't make them map or track torches, and also for overland travel rations are presumed to be there and have not been mentioned for weeks et cetera. Those"OSRS" resource management things would not fit this particular group, so that I cut it from RuneScape! I've even toyed with asking them to inform me where they move and just showing the map of a dungeon to them. But most importantly it's fun, although it's still OSRS imo!

For many groups the fun isn't in mapping and resource management. I have been a participant in games which were all about that, and it was fun for that group and we were damn good at that style of play (Ask me about the time the rest of the party got squashed deep in the dungeon, my character was chased by the monster and was able to escape the dungeon by memory, no hint enabled as I was not the mapper) but that style is buy OSRS gold not inherently more correct if the main objective is you and your buds having group fun. If you would like to spend more time and like the group of individuals find the pleasure that you can ALL have.