Rapid Splitter is more and more widely used because of its discharge rules and high output. It is an ideal equipment for the preparation section of industrial production such as paper mills, wood-based panels, and MDF and various types of wood chip production bases. Many Rapid Splitter are equipped with fans now, the main function of the fan is to drive the operation of the entire equipment, then in the long-term trial of the fan, sometimes some problems will occur, then cnsuperpower Log Splitter Manufacturers will do it This is a targeted explanation.

  1. What is the problem with Rapid Splitter's fan pressure reduction and slow discharge?
    1. The speed of the pump head is reduced-the power supply voltage of the wood cutting machine is low or the motor is faulty
    2. The resistance of the pipe network increases-reduce the resistance of the pipe network
    3. Change of working state-adjust working state
    4. The motor turns in the reverse direction-reconnect the motor
    Second, what is the increase of Rapid Splitter vibration:
    1. Check whether the bearing is damaged-replace the bearing if necessary
    2. Check whether the impeller of the fan is unbalanced-remove the foreign objects in the impeller or adjust the static balance
    3. Check whether the main shaft is deformed-replace the main shaft or pump head
    4. Whether the working state enters the end-seismic area——Adjust the working state and avoid the end-seismic area
    5. Whether the inlet and outlet filter screen is blocked-clean the filter screen
    3. What is the decrease of the Rapid Splitter fan flow:
    1. The inlet and outlet air filter may be blocked-clean the filter
    2. The speed of the pump head may decrease-the power supply voltage is low or the motor is faulty
    3. The resistance of the pipe network may increase-reduce the resistance of the pipe network
    4. The working state is increased-adjust the working state
    5. The Rapid Splitter motor turns in the reverse direction-the motor needs to be rewired
    Rapid Splitter can cut pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir and other logs and bamboo into uniform pieces. It can also be used to cut veneer, veneer, bamboo branches, corn stalk, cotton stalk, reed and other non-wood Various materials such as fiber rods are sliced. If you encounter a similar situation in this article, you can use the above method to solve it. It should be much more convenient. The manufacturer can design and manufacture various specifications of products according to the user's production capacity.