Rapid Splitter has always been a key research and development product of my cnsuperpower Log Splitter Manufacturers. It is a new generation of special wood splitter developed for the crushing of construction wood according to market demand. Today we will take you to understand its composition and structure.

It is mainly composed of working platform, feeding roller and conveyor.

  1. Feeding and conveying: place the board wood to be broken;
    2. Feeding roller: control the feeding speed and keep the sheet from slipping or feeding;
    3. Spiral crushing roller: Welding cutters are evenly distributed on the roller in the circumferential direction to ensure that the crushing roller is under the same force in the circumferential direction;
    4. Wood crushing has the synchronization of feeding and crushing to achieve uniform crushing;
    5. The feeding pressure roller adopts UCK series bearing and spring compression mechanism, which can be adapted to the crushing of different plate thickness;
    6. The feeding pressure roller and crushing roller adopt different power systems, which are easy to control.
    The above is our summary, now do you have a deeper understanding of Rapid Splitter?