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If you want to fix the error where SBCGlobal Email is not working with MS Outlook, then you don’t have to worry. As you can follow the below-mentioned steps given in this blog to resolve the issue at hand. Or you can get in touch with the experts who can fix the issue efficiently as you only have to call sbcglobal email tech support number that stays accessible 24*7 round the clock.

How to fix ‘SBCGlobal email not working with Outlook’ issue?

For fixing the issue at hand, you need to follow the tips given below:

  1. First, try to check the antivirus installed on your system is not causing any issue.
  2. You even have to check that you have configured the SBCGlobal email account correctly.

Enter the following information as given

 Incoming Email Server           -

Account Type                           - POP3

Email Credentials                    - username and password

Outgoing Email Server              -

Port                                          - 993

Incoming Email Server             -

Account Type                           - IMAP

Outgoing Email Server              -

Port                                          - 995

  1. You also need to use the IMAP setting instead of POP setting for your SBCGlobal email account.
  2. Try to remove the email profile from your MS Outlook account.
  3. Even you can begin using Outlook in the safe mode.
  4. You can also use the Google DNS for fixing the error at hand.
  5. Try to set up the SBCGlobal email in the different email and webmail client.

Even after following the below-mentioned steps if the problem persists, then all you need is to contact sbcglobal email support number that is there at all hours. The support team will make sure that the issue is resolved completely so that you never face the issue again in the near future.


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