In today's swimming pool market, Acrylic glass swimming pool are becoming more and more dominant. The acrylic swimming pool has the advantages of beautiful appearance, rich functions, simple installation, convenient operation and the like, and can be selected regardless of size.

What problems should we pay attention to when using acrylic swimming pool?

1. The temperature of circulating water shall not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. We must put cold water first, then hot water. We must never put hot water directly into it, because it will not only cause burns, but also cause acrylic acid to change color for a long time.

2. When using acrylic swimming pool, if damage occurs, polish the damaged area with 2000c terrazzo paper, and then polish with toothpaste and gauze to restore the original bright state. Remember, corrosive chemical liquids should not be used for scrubbing.

3. When using Alec swimming pool, you should not collide with hard objects to avoid damaging the equipment.

4. Inflammable and explosive articles should not be piled up near the swimming pool to avoid contact with strong organic solvents such as paint, volatilizing agent and diluent, resulting in softening, dissolution and cracking of the surface, avoiding close proximity to sharp objects and chemicals, and affecting the service life of acrylic swimming pool.

In the process of daily use, we should follow the principle of cold water before hot water. We should not use it in an environment above 80 degrees Celsius to prevent acrylic swimming pools from deforming due to high temperatures. In addition, the daily maintenance of acrylic swimming pool should be done well. The surface of acrylic swimming pool can be cleaned with clear water, soft cloth, soap or neutral detergent.

Finally, remind us that when choosing to buy Alec swimming pool, we must carefully compare manufacturers. We must make it clear that there is no difference between "acrylic" and "acrylic". This is a kind of acrylic material, and some manufacturers will make great efforts in writing.

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