1. Avoid using inferior Basic Copper Carbonatepesticides In order to ensure the quality of basic copper carbonate pesticides used, they should be purchased from regular manufacturers and sales outlets of basic copper carbonate pesticides to prevent counterfeit and shoddy, and pay attention to the production of basic copper carbonate pesticides The date and age and the reasonable storage and storage of the basic copper carbonate pesticides to prevent them from expiring.
  2. Avoid the use of bacterial biological insecticides at low temperatures. The active ingredients are protein crystals and live buds. Under low temperature conditions, spores multiply slowly in pests, and protein crystals are not easy to act.
  3. Avoid the dry environment. The spores of bacteria in the biocide of the bacteria are in a humid environment. Therefore, the greater the field humidity when using, the higher the efficacy. Especially the spraying of powdered biological agents should pay attention to the field humidity. Generally, the bacterial powder is sprayed when there is dew in the early morning and the evening, so as to facilitate the bacterial agent to stick to the stems and leaves of the crop, and promote the spore reproduction and improve the efficacy. Spraying Basic Copper Chloridepesticides or spraying vegetables half an hour before the foggy morning is better.