Quality of led light sources: LED light caps are generally used as the light sources for solar path lights, because LED light caps have many advantages and have a long lighting life (about 50000 hours). Solar LED courtyard lights do not emit excessive heat when in use, which greatly delays the service life of light sources. It can also be used normally in several rainy days: the solar path light operates solar energy to generate electricity.

Therefore, the lighting work can be normally carried out in days without sunshine, and the solar path light suppliers will also consider these problems when carrying out the solar path light design scheme. In the communication with the customer, appropriate street light fittings are configured according to the local rainy weather environment given by the customer, so as to solve the problem that the local supplier can work in many continuous rainy days without turning off lights.

Solar path lights are generally located in independent areas. High-pole lights are self-sufficient in lighting, usually on roads or large courtyard or villa hotels. Generally, the height is about 3.6m, and the lighting power is 80-150w W. Some of them will be smaller, with random shape and no restriction. The difference between it and street lights is that street lights are calculated according to the road width, traffic flow, surrounding trees, building height, whether they affect the surrounding residents and other links to obtain the approximate installation model. Height 8-20m, power 250-400w.

The understanding of the entire price of solar path lights cannot be guaranteed. Price is not a simple figure. It contains a lot of information and can be understood correctly. This is the premise of choice. On the other hand, the market economy is continuously improving and developing. There is a positive correlation between quality and price under the condition that the whole market economic order operates effectively.

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