Our team knows that our lights are used by a variety of different industries, for a number of applications.Now the impoprtant part; these floodlight are very bright. For wide open spaces the High setting is great.After the positive and negative poles are energized,the internal floodlight manufacturer of the touch switch is always on.We are good floodlight manufacturer.

  We are good floodlight manufacturer.We don't claim that our cordless floodlight collection is the cheapest, but their excellent longevity and performance mean that they will outlast cheaper models.Our floodlight with stand are built with advanced technology and are designed to bring more light and convenience to your work sites.

  The floodlight with stand we supply are designed by a highly experienced team that has an exceptional knowledge of the demands our floodlight with stand and power supply reels are subjected to.The handle clicks to various positions and can act as a stand.Each product is built to be safe, durable and conform to industry standards.