Under the leadership of Zhang Yiming, XingChang Fan became a member unit of China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association and China HVAC Equipment Working Committee. It is currently one of the largest HVAC fan production bases in the country. In this regard, it has ranked first among its counterparts in the country.

Xingchang Company has embarked on the fast lane of enterprise development. Fans are their leading products, from air conditioners to

From refrigerators to range hoods and water heaters, Xingchang fans are very popular. Haier, Meiling, Shuaikang, and Sakura, many brand companies prefer Xingchang Fan, while Xingchang Company has grown rapidly through the marriage with large enterprises.

New Idea: Development of "Bacteria Killer"

In the process of dealing with experts and scholars, Zhang Yiming learned that human beings actually grow surrounded by bacteria, natural bacteria, Bacillus subtilis, black mutant spores...

In people's daily life, in the air we absorb, bacteria are everywhere and pervasive. These bacteria have become the source of all diseases. Air disinfection, especially in the medical environment, is extremely important. Therefore, there is an emerging discipline of air disinfection prevention.

"Work hard for people to enjoy life in the first 20 years, and strive for human health and longevity in the next 20 years". In 1999, Zhang Yiming put forward his own ideas at the celebration meeting for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company. He wanted to develop a "germ killer" to "escort" human health and longevity.

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