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LED floodlights are wide-beam lights that have multiple uses in residential and commercial applications. Due to the wide range of lumen output, in addition to stage lighting for concerts and theaters, floodlights are also widely used for security lighting, landscape lighting and outdoor sports venues. However, brighter, more energy-efficient light does not guarantee maximum illuminance. Whether you use floodlights in your home or business, here are five ways you might not make the most of floodlights, and how to improve their efficiency.
Illuminated house
1. Your light is in the wrong place. The fixed dead point of the floodlight above the garage will surely illuminate your driveway. However, you can use motion sensors to install floodlights in the eaves on the sides and rear of the house to improve visibility and safety. Distributing light evenly is a good design mark, but shadows and dark areas between lamps can mean that the lights are too far apart. On the other hand, placing the fixtures too close can cause unnecessary glare and wasted light. You want your roads, sidewalks, parking lots, security lighting and even your commercial signs to be uniformly illuminated, with no bright or dark spots. It is important to flood the area with evenly distributed light, especially for security cameras or where you will be driving.
Black motion sensor
2. You forgot to turn the light on or off. Using the built-in motion sensor, the light will only turn on when motion is triggered near the light. If you want to turn on the lights as soon as possible, please consider installing the motion sensor in the corner near the front of the building. This will trigger the motion sensor sooner rather than along the bottom half of the wall. For more options, you can connect an override switch to manually turn the lights on and off. You can also install a photoelectric tube or an automatic timer to control the outdoor light so that it turns on and off at a specified time. The photocell should be installed at the best angle to capture the changes in light when the sun goes down and rises. Keep in mind that any other controls (such as photocells or motion sensors) may not be directly installed on floodlights. Therefore, you may have to install these devices separately.
Moonlight on the tree
3. Your lamp position is wrong. You might think that installing a floodlight is as easy as finding a sturdy place to drill into. It is easy to position your luminaire as an up or down spotlight, but you can use more advanced technology to achieve more dynamic lighting. Moonlight lighting is a downlight effect that can simulate the soft light of the moon from high altitudes. Silhouetting is the outline, and the light is placed upwards under the object. The shadow uses the wall cleaning effect, but the focus is on the object in front of the wall instead of the wall itself.
If you have more tips on using floodlight with stands, or just want to talk about outdoor lighting settings, please contact us to find more lighting ideas and suggestions.