Chipper Shredder manufacturers can crush wood with a moisture content of less than 18%, but this year's domestic climate is strongly affected by the El Nino phenomenon. Most provinces in the south and north had more rainfall than in previous years, which affected the normal production of Chipper Shredder.

   After strong convective weather, a large number of branches and waste wood are formed in Jiangsu, northern and southern Zhejiang, but the moisture content is 30-40%; this log shredder cannot be directly crushed. Therefore, the wood should be dried first, and then crushed into fine finished products; the common methods of wood drying are: natural, air drying, but both are not suitable for current production requirements. A papermaking customer in Hubei obtained a large number of branches from the river, and then used an air dryer to dehumidify, but the finished product became spherical, the surface of the ball was dry, and the interior was still wet; therefore, Zhang Gong of our factory changed the production process of Chipper Shredder and used it first The large juicer takes out the wet branches and then smashes them to dry; not only the finished product meets the requirements, but the output has also increased by 20%.

  Before using Chipper Shredder, we must perform a pre-start check on certain aspects of the equipment. If we take these precautions, we can not only improve work safety, but also work.

   1. Before starting the Rapid Splitter, check the wood grinder for debris in the machine cavity. If the screws are loose, make sure that all parts have been adjusted correctly, paying particular attention to whether the blade is firmly installed.

   2. Check the direction of the blade: Before starting the operation, the worker needs to check the direction of the blade. The blade is a detachable part. Once the worker misunderstands the direction of the blade, it may cause the work operation of the equipment to reverse. During operation, it will cause great wear and tear on the equipment. In severe cases, the entire device may be damaged and cannot work normally;

  3. Check the distance between the blade and the blade: a certain distance should be left between the blade and the blade. When the wood is crushed, the equipment may have a certain crushing space. Generally, the blade needs to be 3 cm higher than the tip. If the distance is too close, the resistance of the cutter head will increase, resulting in a large degree of wear. If the distance is too far, the degree of wood shattering will not reach the standard of ink.

   4. Check the tightness of the equipment components installation: When Chipper Shredder cleans and repairs the equipment, a large number of components need to be removed. Before using the equipment, the staff needs to check whether the screws of the disassembled parts are tightened, especially the installation of tools. If the screws are not tightened, the tool will easily fall off after the device is running. A falling tool will not only affect the operation of the equipment, but also cause great harm to personnel.

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