Our main product is the manufacture of rubber belts, among which the triangular belts is one of our products.
The triangle has two kinds of special core structure and rope core structure, which are respectively composed of four parts: cloth covering, top rubber, tensile body and bottom rubber. The V-belt with the rope core structure is convenient to manufacture, has general tensile strength and low price. The V-belt with the special core structure has good toughness and high strength, and is suitable for occasions with high speed. It is mainly divided into the following two categories:
Ordinary core
Most of the cores of the ordinary V-belt with core are cord cores, and a small part of them are cord fabric cores. Since these two core structures are fiber twisted or woven, the inter-fiber shearing during the operation of the V-belt causes the core to gradually break and elongate. Therefore, ordinary V-belts produced with cord and cord cores can only be used in low-load transmission systems.
Special belt core—polyester tempered brown ribbon core
The belt core of the special belt core triangle belt adopts the whole solid rod-shaped belt core structure of polymer polyester tempered brown wire. Because the polyester tempered brown wire has an overall solid core and untwisted structure, it has good adhesion, flex resistance, high strength, and does not run long. It not only greatly increases the service life of the rubber transmission belt, but also has a balanced service life. It is maintenance-free and replaced regularly. On November 22, 2010, the polyester tempered brown wire skeleton material passed the appraisal of the expert committee: using polyester tempered brown wire as the skeleton material of the transmission belt and traditional polyester soft rope, hard rope, aramid and other fiber rope structure skeletons Compared with the material transmission belt, the service life is increased by 5-10 times, which is the international leading level. The special belt core transmission belt effectively solves the frequent replacement of ordinary transmission belts in the high-load and heavy-horsepower transmission system, and is highly favored by heavy industry enterprises around the world.
In addition, the hexagonal belts is also one of our products, welcome your inquiry and contact.