Basic Copper Carbonate can significantly increase the permeability of bacterial membranes, degrade membrane structural proteins, exudate cytoplasm and proteases, significantly reduce the activity of succinate dehydrogenase, and cause a small amount of bacterial nucleic acid to cross-link.


  1. As a nutrient, amino acid can be used in water, making the product more environmentally friendly;
  2. The complex is centered on Copper Chloride molecule and has good stability;
  3. Less consumption: The content of Copper Chloride is higher, which has more efficient sterilization and detoxification ability;
  4. According to users' reactions, the amino acid Copper Chloride has strong bactericidal and virus-killing ability, but it is also harmful to algae and may cause algae collapse, so the dosage should be strictly controlled.

Uses of Basic Copper Chloride: treatment of outbreaks of fish diseases; prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases and viral diseases.