Below is a list of applications of pvc furniture board;
1. Used for the ceilings of Cars, Buses or Trains
2. Widely used for making home and office furniture
3. Used to build external wall panels
4. Home interiors can be designed using PVC foam boards
5. Used in signboards and outdoor advertising kiosks

When partitions are made using PVC foam boards, they tend to be resistant to sound effects thereby keeping privacy intact. This makes it perfect for office uses. PVC foam board manufacturers produce it without the use of wood, therefore there is no harm done to the forests for its making. Navratan Specialty Chemicals LLP is a manufacturing company of PVC foam boards that are easily moulded and shaped to fit your requirements for any type of project use. It’s also one of the top best PVC foam board exporters in India serving customers all across the globe with quality PVC products. You can also get its products from PVC foam board’s dealers in your region.

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