Solar lighting uses solar energy as energy, realizes photoelectric conversion by solar cells, accumulates and stores electric energy by batteries during the day, and supplies power to electric light sources by controllers at night, thus realizing the required functional lighting. As a renewable energy, solar energy is of great significance to energy construction. With the development of technology, the traditional lights with high energy consumption will be gradually replaced in the wholesale solar garden lights, and green lighting with energy saving and emission reduction will be realized.

Solar garden light is composed of solar cell module, storage battery, power controller and lighting module.

Advantages of solar garden lights:

1. energy saving: solar photoelectric conversion is used to provide electric energy, which is inexhaustible.

2. Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise and no radiation.

3. Safety: There are absolutely no accidents such as electric shock and fire.

3. Convenient: the installation is simple, and there is no need for stringing or digging construction, and there is no concern about power failure and power limitation.

4. Long service life: The product has high scientific and technological content, and the control system and accessories are international brands, intelligent design and reliable quality.

5. High grade: scientific and technological products, green energy, users attach importance to science and technology, improve the green image and upgrade the grade.

6. Less investment: One-time investment is equivalent to alternating current (alternating current investment starts from substation, incoming power, control box, cable and project), which is one-time investment and long-term benefit.

7. Wide application: solar energy comes from nature, so it can be used in any place with sunshine, especially suitable for green space landscape lighting, high-grade residential and outdoor lighting, coastal landscape lighting and ornament of tourist attractions, street lights of industrial development zones and industrial and mining enterprises, and outdoor lighting of universities.

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