Single Curtain Rods

One of the most popular types of Custom Curtain rod, single curtain rods feature one mounted bar that rests at the top of your window frame threaded through curtain rings, grommets or pockets of your drapers in order to stay in place. Most single curtain rods can support light to medium weight curtains, sheers and more. Umbra’s curtain rods come with everything you need to easily install your rod including finials, brackets, screws, drywall anchors and easy-to-follow instructions.

Double Curtain Rods

Although very similar in design to single curtain rods, a double curtain rod allows you to layer more than one drapery panel or curtain for a more enhanced and dramatic look. Most typically, people layer a sheer curtain first and then a regular curtain on top to block out light. Double curtain rods come as a set of two rods with the back rod being slightly shorter in length than the first.

Tension Curtain Rods

An extendable curtain rod that requires zero tools or drilling, tension curtain rods are the perfect solution to condos or places where you cannot drill any holes. Extremely easy to install, they leave no damage and can be adjusted to fit your desired space. A completely unique tension curtain rod system, Umbra Anywhere Curtain Rod and Room Divider is a complete solution to any hard-to-install area. Whether you want privacy or need to divide up space, it extends in both width and height in order to best suit multiple spaces. These tension rods can accommodate light to medium weight curtains, sheers or lightweight panels.


Easy alternatives to traditional standard curtain hooks, curtain rod clip rings are a popular choice to quickly hang light to medium weight panels, drapes, curtains or sheers. Simply slide rings over your curtain rod and clip the ring to the top of your drapery panel. Accommodating rods that are 1inch in diameter or less, these Umbra Clip Curtain Rings come in a pack of 7, and have clips attached to ensure an easy installation or takedown. These Clip Curtain Rings also come in a small size, which comes in a pack of 10 and works with curtain rod diameters that are 5/8 inches or less.


No assembly required, these curtain tiebacks connect magnetically making them quick and easy to use. Curtain holdbacks are used to hold your curtains in place, tying them back to bring light into a room. Halo Curtain Holdbacks from Umbra can create versatile configurations to suit your needs. Each ring has a diameter of 4 inches and they are sold in a pack of two. Halo comes in a polished silver finish in order to match your curtain rod and hardware. Holdbacks are typically placed a third of the way up from the bottom of a curtain. Measure your curtain first to ensure you have the right estimates.


Umbra has both wall or ceiling mounting curtain rod brackets to suit your desired space. Make your ceilings appear taller by using ceiling-mounted brackets, drawing your eyes upward while saving space. These ceiling mounting brackets can hold up to 20 pounds or curtain rods with a 1-inch diameter and can also be mounted to the wall if desired. Umbra’s adjustable wall brackets are suitable for curtain rods up to 5/8 inch in diameter and have a maximum weight capacity of 20lbs; making them ideal for most curtains or drapes. If you have tall ceilings and your curtains are shorter in length, wall brackets will be the easier pick for you. In comparison, ceiling mounted brackets create a more seamless and flowing appearance as curtains will flow from ceiling to floor.

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