If the fan is restarted after long-term use, it is easy to affect its normal operation, and the long-term use of the fan will shorten its service life. How to maintain the fan when it has to be stopped? It has become the most concerned issue of many fan envoys. Insiders have given several considerations.

1. The fan stops running for a long time, and some parts are exposed to the air, even sun and rain, and the appearance is prone to rust. Not only will the appearance of the fan be affected when it is used again, but the speed of the fan will be affected to a certain extent. This is a problem encountered by many fan users. In fact, the way to prevent the fan from rusting is very simple. The most common method is to apply rust inhibitors on the parts that are prone to rust. Of course, it is necessary to reduce the exposure of the fan to the sun, and not to leave it in moist air for a long time.

2. In the north, the temperature is low in winter. If the fan is installed in the workshop or the fan is running in a poor environment, you must pay attention to the antifreeze problem of the fan. If the fan is not used for a long time in winter, the temperature is below zero, you must check the bearing box. , Exclude the cooling water inside, otherwise the temperature drops below zero, the cooling water freezes and the volume expands, which will cause the bearing box to crack.

3. The maintenance of electrical components is also very important, especially the motor, which is the most important power organ of the fan. In coastal cities and the rainy season, the air is humid, which will cause the motor and other electrical components to become damp and affect their operation. Failure to deal with it will cause the loss of the fan's working capacity. Therefore, moisture-proof work must be done when the fan is not used for a long time. The workshop and operating environment need to be ventilated and exhausted. The windows cannot be opened on the wall with humid air and upwind.

4. The fan is not used for a long time. The material of the main shaft determines that if they are in a static state for a long time, they are very easy to deform or even bend. When the main shaft deviates from the running track, the wind direction and the wind are reduced, and the fan will be damaged. Affect the quality of operation. Therefore, when the fan is not in use, it is necessary to run the main shaft and other components at regular intervals, and let the rotor rotate 180°, so that the main shaft will not be deformed or even bent due to long-term stationary.

In short, the long-term use of wind turbines is not to let them go, but to always pay attention to and protect their health problems. In addition to the above situations that require our special attention, we can not relax the maintenance of other aspects of the fan. To maintain them regularly, it is best to develop a complete set of maintenance and maintenance programs, so that when the fan is restarted, its operating quality will not be affected, and the service life of the fan can be prolonged.

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