Ordinary V-belt, the most common is the triangular belts, which is an endless transmission belt with a trapezoidal cross-section. It is suitable for power transmission with small center distance and large transmission ratio, and is widely used in textile machinery, machine tools and general power transmission.

The advantages of transmission are:

(1) The belt is an elastic body, which can alleviate the load impact and run smoothly without noise.

(2) Overload will cause the belt to slip on the pulley, which can protect the whole machine.

(3) The manufacturing and installation accuracy is not as strict as the meshing drive, and the maintenance is convenient without lubrication.

(4) The length of the belt can be increased to adapt to the working conditions with a large center distance.

The disadvantages of transmission are:

(1) The elastic sliding of the belt and the pulley makes the transmission ratio inaccurate, the efficiency is low, and the life is short.

(2) When the same large circumferential force is transmitted, the outer profile size and the pressure on the shaft are larger than the meshing transmission.

(3) Not suitable for high temperature and flammable occasions.

The transmission principle of the V-belt and the hexagonal belts is the same.