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  • Airspeed star marks
    As soon as the idea moved, the blue figure appeared in the sky mark idea, her face was pale with her eyes closed, looking particularly haggard, the voice of the dark God sounded again, "Sky mark, you are not afraid of death, do you want your little lover to die?"? If I kill her, I think you will regret it. Countless dark breaths surged into the blue body, as if they were devouring huge mouths,...
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  • The daughter of the
    Heyun Chuxiang looked at the small orange in front of the wood cherry, some heartache in his eyes, that woman in the end is how to take care of this little guy, and then take her to Heyun Villa. Uncle, it's really delicious. Don't you eat it? Muying Xiaocheng did not forget to take care of Heyun Chuxiang while eating. Is that a good thing? Uncle will take you to Heyun Villa to eat better in the...
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  • Legend of Little Soldier
    Seeing his monarch shaking his head crazily, the officers and soldiers beside Stewart hid aside for fear of being angry. When the commanders of the Twelve Allied Forces saw the Tang Army, their faces all changed. They were not idiots. They knew that the Tang Army had appeared here. That is to say, hundreds of thousands of troops attacking the Tang Dynasty had either surrendered or been...
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  • Three Kingdoms Road
    But after the enemy at the gate, he will camp far away in ten miles away, and then began to look for candidates to surrender. Speaking of this thing is really a little ashamed, although Cheng Yu has set the main strategy of trying not to move the sword, but has been unable to think of a suitable person as a lobbyist, Cheng Yu's is not without a tongue, but his southern expedition is on the...
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  • I lack you in the five
    After the eight sacrifices, Zhou Jiayu's body recovered strangely faster. It was as if a piece of dead wood had come back to life, and after three months, he was able to walk on the ground, with the help of crutches, but at least he was able to move on his own. Second, the memory of rebirth was not all restored together, but intermittently, he first remembered Lin Zhushui, then remembered a few...
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  • Destiny is a phoenix
    "Miss Lu, it's all right to fight with each other. If you use your sword, you'll have to see blood. Isn't it too heavy?" Silly voice sounded, a person jumped from the wall, it is Yu Kuang who just won the ring with her. Lu Mingshu said lightly, "How can I be as good as Mr. Yu?"? If you lose in the ring, you have to follow me. Do you think it's not enough to see blood and add another wound to...
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  • On-demand
    "Tomato, I think you like her?"? Otherwise, how can you talk about Fang Yichang and Fang Yichang, since you like her, then go to express your love to her? It's useless to tell me here. Xiang Qianrui cleverly threw the question on her friend. She wanted to embarrass her friend once. She knew that her friend didn't like that freak, so she deliberately said so. Who let her friend's reaction always...
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  • Cloud Library Tutorial
    /J122 Numbered Notation Music Theory Song Music Basic Introduction Self-study Video Tutorial/043 Numbered Notation Music Theory Tutorial-/Ten Days of Staff /J122 Numbered Musical Notation Music Theory Song Music Basic Introduction Self-study Video Tutorial/043 Numbered Musical Notation Music Theory Tutorial-/Staff Ten Days Pass/Staff Knowledge Quick Learning 1 [Title].flv (414.11 K) /J122...
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  • Cut with one knife-Cao Ruobing _ txt novel paradise
    Pang Laodaodao said, "When I got up, I suddenly received an order saying that the Lord of Ximen Castle had come to Luoyang. He ordered my brother to stop and immediately go to Yangzhuang in the south of the city to listen to the order." "So why did your brother come back?" "Before daybreak, I suddenly received an order to order my brother to return here immediately and wait for the order to...
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  • Ao Shi Jiu Tian
    Chu Yang tried to empty his mind and sat quietly on the shore. Hide your body in the thick withered grass that has withered, but at this moment, a feeling rises from your heart: the grass above has withered, but the grass below is strong and green.. Besides, it's already a palm high. What does this seem to foreshadow between prosperity and decline? Or What else does it mean? Or. Life? These...
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