After the eight sacrifices, Zhou Jiayu's body recovered strangely faster. It was as if a piece of dead wood had come back to life, and after three months, he was able to walk on the ground, with the help of crutches, but at least he was able to move on his own. Second, the memory of rebirth was not all restored together, but intermittently, he first remembered Lin Zhushui, then remembered a few people in the house, followed by small paper, weasels, bit by bit, all poured back into his mind. Although there are still some details that are still vague, we still have a general understanding of the situation. Zhou Jiayu originally thought that he and the bird named Sacrifice Eight were also his former friends, but he never recovered his memory of it. He also tried to find people around him to ask about the bird, but the family members were all at a loss. Lin Jue patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile that Zhou Jiayu was recovering well, and he was beginning to play hooligans against everyone. Zhou Jiayu: ".." Forget it, he'd better not ask,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, this is a name that will never be forgotten, we do not know, it should be really do not remember it. Zhou Jiayu's body is getting better day by day. One day, he coyly found Lin Zhushui, saying that he wanted to discuss something with him. When Lin Zhushui saw Zhou Jiayu's expression, he reached out and touched his head. "What's wrong?" He asked in a gentle voice. "Well.." Sir Zhou Jiayu lifted his T-shirt and turned to show Lin Zhushui his back. "Sir, can you give me a tattoo to cover this wound?" Because of the accident,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, Zhou Jiayu's spine has a very exaggerated wound, across his entire back, and the surrounding white skin is completely incompatible, looks particularly ferocious. Zhou Jiayu once saw it in the mirror, and he was frightened. Lin Zhushui's fingers glided gently over Zhou Jiayu's spine. He circled Zhou Jiayu directly and dropped a few gentle kisses on it: "Not ugly." "I don't think it looks good myself." Zhou Jiayu turned his head and asked him, "can the tattoo be covered?" "Yes." Lin Zhushui said, "Let me think about the pattern." Zhou Jiayu bent the corner of his eyes and laughed. He had seen the craft of Lin Zhushui's tattoo, but other people couldn't get it if they wanted to. Do you have a favorite pattern? Lin Chu-shui asked him. Not yet, sir. Just help me pick it out. Zhou Jiayu nests in Lin Zhushui's bosom and is tickled by him, "to be good-looking." "Good." Lin Zhushui kissed Zhou Jiayu again. A few days later, Lin Zhushui ordered a tattoo for Zhou Jiayu. It was a beautiful big blue fish, which jumped out of the waves and splashed around with vivid drops of water. The fish's scattered tail could just cover the long wound. Zhou Jiayu studied it for a while and found that he had never seen the fish before. He asked Lin what kind of fish it was. Lin Zhushui laughed and said, "There is no such fish. It was designed according to the shape of your wound." Come here and get down. Zhou Jiayu then lay on the bed obediently. Lin Zhushui lit a wick of incense and began to work on Zhou Jiayu's back. Because he had already taken a medicinal bath before, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, the needle did not feel pain on Zhou Jiayu's back, but was very comfortable. In the faint smell of sandalwood, Zhou Jiayu fell into a light sleep, and when he woke up, Lin Zhushui's tattoo came to an end. When it was all over, Zhou Jiayu rubbed his eyes and woke up. He was lifted up from the bed by Lin Zhushui. He heard Lin Zhushui say, "Look." Zhou Jiayu turned around and saw that the ugly scar on his spine was covered by a beautiful tattoo. The fish was slender, its scales were shining with pale blue light, and its tail was like half of a gauze, gorgeous but sacred and noble. Zhou Jiayu looked stunned and involuntarily stretched out his hand to touch it, but Lin Zhushui held his wrist: "Don't touch it for the time being, it will hurt." Zhou Jiayu nodded his head. With a little bit of memory recovery, Zhou Jiayu also remembered the situation when he died. He remembered the volcano, the Meng family, and the lotus terrace. "Sir, what happened to Meng Yangtian in the end?" This is what Zhou Jiayu is most concerned about. Meng Yangtian is simply not a thing. If he didn't have the strength at that time, he would have to rush over and give him a set of qualities. Eighteen companies beat him up without knowing his mother. It's better to kill him directly. Died Lin Zhushui said very simply, "after bringing you back, I went back again." Zhou Jiayu also wanted to ask Lin Zhushui how Meng Yangtian died. At first, Lin Zhushui didn't want to say. Later, he asked him several times and sighed helplessly: "You are a civil servant. I told you, you won't report me." Zhou Jiayu said it depends on the situation. Lin Zhushui rubbed the top of his head with his chin and said slowly, "I killed him." Zhou Jiayu is stupefied, did not think of Lin Zhushui to solve Meng Yangtian personally really. After following Lin Chushui for so long, he also knew that killing people in this line was actually quite taboo, but considering Lin Chushui's mood at that time, he would personally kill Meng Yangtian, and Zhou Jiayu was not surprised at all. If it were him, he would probably do the same, after all, he almost killed Meng Yangtian at that time. But death for Meng Yangtian, perhaps instead became a kind of relief, he lived is to let Meng's resentful spirits rest in peace, at this time the wish has been, they no longer have to worry about. Zhou Jiayu also mentioned the book that the Eight Sacrifices and the Meng family got. Lin Zhushui did not make a joke about Zhou Jiayu this time, but listened to him seriously. I guess the book is sealed with the power of Jinwu. Lin Zhushuidao, "Jinwu has the power to revive you, and that book can also revive people, but because only part of Jinwu's power, the ability to revive is not complete." After resurrecting people, it only turns those people into the state before death, not like resurrection,12v High Torque Motor, but like a curse. But why did he resurrect me? Zhou Jiayu was confused. Because you can save me. Lin Zhushui laughed, "without you, I would have been gone long ago." 。