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  • Quick wear: introduction: villain boss
    "I really don't know." Siasso frowned and shook his head. His blue eyes were clear. "I don't know where Earl Al went after he shot me." "I fainted and felt nothing." "Yes." Count Siasso smiled. "I heard you had me saved." An Qing forced a smile. Seeing Siaso's hanging arm, "Does it still hurt?" Shaking his head, Siaso smiled shallowly, "In fact, there is no big deal, just my parents make a...
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  • Evil Wind Song _ Blood
    The lobby of the inn gradually became lively again, and when these men found that Li Feng was no threat to them, they immediately forgot the existence of Li Feng and shouted to themselves. Gradually, after drinking two or three catties of wine, a man who looked like the leader of a nomadic tribe grabbed his greasy chest and used a wooden bar to pick up the shredded meat between his teeth. He...
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  • Go through the Qing
    Lieutenant General Kurt Pitt. Supreme Commander of the British Empire in India. Lieutenant General Pete said with some dejection. Benny Joseph, Commander of the 116th Infantry Reinforcement Regiment, Major, and former British Defense Commander of Moradabad. Joseph's voice was not very loud, but he could barely hear it. Philip Johnson, Major General and Commander of the 62nd Infantry Division,...
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  • God's favored daughter
    Lu Heng's grandmother was chatting with some friends. She was surprised to see Lu Heng again. She grabbed him and talked for a long time. Then she noticed He Zhimian and Sang Ying, who had been standing next to Lu Heng all the time. She joked, "Ah Heng, they all brought a female companion. Is it difficult for you to bring two?" As a woman, she is naturally more concerned about her grandson's...
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  • Digital Castle _ Dan
    "No.". I'm watching you at network three. "Impossible." Hale put on a look of disdain and said with a cold smile, "It's a common problem of hiring the best people, deputy director-sometimes they're better than you." "Young man," sputtered Strathmore, "I don't know where you got that information, but you're out of your mind. You let go of Ms. Fletcher now, or I'll call the security forces. \...
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  • Yin Fu is so fierce
    "Maybe it's a formation or something.". And I think it's very likely that the fog is used to keep outsiders out. If you don't have a certain perseverance, you will probably retreat when you see the white fog. Uncle Mu Li said, "Now the situation in this village is getting more and more complicated. The old lady in the shroud has appeared, and the shaman has appeared again." At this point,...
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  • The Wildest Patient of
    Outside the dressing room, the crew has begun to urge, Zhou Luoluo got up and went to the dressing room to change clothes, the eyes did not fall on Qiao Shanshan's body from beginning to end, she was so angry that she could not hide the ferocious on her face, at the beginning set up in front of the public at this time completely collapsed. Everyone in the crew had already seen Zhou Luoluo's...
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  • Superstar Wins the Title
    For the global film market, 2044 is a year of seemingly ups and downs, but slightly dull. Among the films released before December this year, Black Clouds ranked first in China at the box office, and it is natural that it won these honors. But in addition, China's film market is generally sluggish, and five of the best film nominations for the Golden Phoenix Award are foreign films. After the...
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  • 70 Obstetrics and
    The rice fields were already buzzing, and almost all the production teams were busy, starting the first battle of the double robbery with the help of starlight. They went to the field of the sixth team at the whistle of calling the players. Yu Qiu did not see He Dongsheng, in fact, this dark, in addition to her face to face with Baozhen's mother, she can not see anyone. As soon as Aunt Zhao saw...
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  • A thousand mountains
    Thank the empress Dowager originally felt that she had seen a lot of storms and waves in her life, and that she had some experience. As everyone knows, there are countless strange people and strange things in the world. Thank the empress Dowager to smile, a kind look, "you come here, and I will tell you how to embrace the great-grandson." When the Empress Dowager Cao saw that the queen mother...
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