Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

The rapid digital transformation and technological advancements like cloud computing have allowed the world to eliminate physical barriers and rethink the technology from another more evolved perspective. One of the key benefits that cloud computing offers includes reducing the operational costs for organizations and businesses while allowing them to conduct business digitally from anywhere in the world.

This is not just the corporate world that uses cloud computing technologies for beneficial purposes. As an internet and applications user, chances are you might already be using a multitude of cloud-based applications and platforms to fulfill the daily basis of your digital needs. From booking an uber ride and ordering food online to shopping digitally and working on the cloud as a remote employee, the whole world uses cloud-based applications daily.

How cloud-based applications can benefit you?

If you a tech-savvy user you will understand that running heavy-duty applications requires the latest and capable hardware resources. While for some it is not a big deal, there are not-so-tech-savvy users who consider it to be frustrating to install complex applications on their low-end hardware devices while struggling to understand them, and buying costly licenses for these software is a whole other story. This is where cloud-based applications come in, cloud-powered platforms or tools offer users the to get their specific tasks done without having to download any software or buying costly lisencing. Sounds interesting? It definitely is! In order to get the ball rolling here are the top 5 cloud applications you can try out to develop an understanding regarding the cloud-applications and their potential benefits.

  1. Voice recorder online

A free cloud-powered voice recorder tool that allows you to use your microphone to record your voice. You can cut, edit, and enhance your voice, and can save it as an MP3 file. The recorder runs directly in the browser without installing additional software.

2- Video Cutter

Tired of downloading and juggling between video editing software? Try this cloud-based video cutter application. You can upload any video in this cloud platform and can easily edit and enhance it easily without any high-level expertise. Video cutter is secure, efficient and can run directly in your browser as it is developed using HTML5 and JS technology.