Established in 1988, Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd is a collection of large acrylic (PMMA) panels and custom acrylic aquarium into a professional company. By using 100% virgin acrylic monomer from Lucite International, our acrylics are widely used in hotel, swimming pool, aquarium park, underwater restaurant, shopping mall etc.

Acrylic swimming pools are almost the standard for high-end residences, especially villas. While the swimming pool protects the privacy of the owners, it can also provide more joy for the family, whether it is a family gathering or a gathering of friends, and a swimming pool. This is a very good way of happiness and relaxation. In addition, private swimming pools help improve the quality of villas to a large extent, which is the consensus of the real estate industry. No matter how novel and ingenious the design of the villa pool is, you must refer to the following points. The pool is not lacking in the villa. Its identity and quality are representative. A luxurious villa with a romantic and gorgeous pool will be perfect.

In addition to swimming pool water, swimming pool chlorine tablets can also be used in the treatment of industrial circulating water and industrial sewage. Properly decorate the garden and improve the lighting configuration, you can create a beautiful landscape of the world for your swimming pool. Only the swimming pool, the garden is not really a place for relaxation and relaxation. The surrounding natural environment is also very important. Properly pruned trees will bring the shade that people expect in midsummer. In addition, flowerbeds or bonsai will add bright colors to make the swimming pool look new.

You can also plant shrubs or climbing plants to create a natural swimming pool environment and at the same time increase the privacy of the pool. However, do not let the plants get too close to the pool water, otherwise, the plants may stain the pool water. On a good day with bright weather, the swimming pool will become a busy area in the home. You will definitely arrange the corresponding facilities by the pool. From simple equipment to very complex equipment, we provide a variety of facilities for users to choose from.

If you need to customize a large acrylic swimming pool, please contact us: Acrylic Project.