Take out the sheath wire used for the supporting battery board and cut the corresponding length (generally the length from the top of the light pole to the door plus 1.5 meters is appropriate, the wiring is connected in parallel or series and the battery board is installed on the side of the light pole depends on the actual situation ), peel off the end, and then wrap the two wires inside with tape (to avoid short circuit after the front is connected to the battery board) and mark the battery board wires with label paper. Then use a screwdriver to open the cover of the battery board junction box, peel off the front end of the wire, pass through the end of the junction box and connect it to the terminal of the junction box (note: it is generally specified that the red wire is connected to the positive pole of the battery board and the other is connected to the negative pole), After confirming that the wiring is secure, close the cover of the junction box (Note: This wiring method is the single-cell panel wiring method used in most cases. Please refer to Appendix 1 for the wiring method of parallel or series battery panels). And use nylon ties to fix the wires on the battery board bracket. Then pass the end of the wire from the back of the sleeve through the threading hole, and then pass through the top of the light pole to the light pole door and lead out of the door for wiring below. Finally, install the entire part of the battery board on the top of the light pole, adjust the angle of the battery board (make sure to face the south after standing up), and finally tighten the bolts with a wrench. highbay light manufacturer suggested some precautions:


  A. Before connecting the output positive and negative poles of the battery pack to the controller, measures must be taken to avoid short-circuiting.

   B. The output wire of the module should be avoided exposed and fastened with a cable tie.

  C. The orientation of the battery pack should face due south, whichever is the direction of the compass.


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