In the process of using the digital fully automatic heat transfer printing machine, as long as it is in normal operation, it will rarely fail, but one of the more common possibilities is the nozzle clogging, which will definitely affect the printing effect. If we really want to solve this problem, we should do basic inspection and cleaning. Because the nozzle clogging was discovered at the beginning, if it can be dealt with in time, it will not have much impact. Here's how to deal with nozzle clogging.

How to determine if the nozzle is blocked
Since we are going to use a digital printing machine, we should definitely determine the effect of daily printing. In fact, the nozzle clogging situation is easy to compare. For example, there are white lines during printing, or some printed patterns have certain problems, which may also be caused by nozzle clogging. Because the nozzle may be clogged during the printing process, because ink or dust covers a part of the nozzle, it will affect the printing effect.

How to perform basic cleaning of the nozzle
It has been found that the nozzle of the digital heat transfer machine is clogged, so we should do the basic cleaning work. Generally, the printer will have an automatic cleaning program, we only need to start it, so that the normal operation of the printing machine can be restored. But if the blockage is really serious, then certain cleaning agents should definitely be used. Be sure to use a special cleaning agent, otherwise it may affect the quality of the printer.

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