Air coolers mainly use air to cool the hot fluid, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling or condensation. It can be used to cool the products after various reactions and condense the hot fluid. It is widely used in industrial production and is almost in line with our daily life. It doesn't match up, and naturally, it causes very little to air cooler mould .

The finned tube is used as a heat transfer tube to expand the heat transfer area. The finned tubes are arranged in layers, and the two ends are connected to the tube box by welding or expansion. The pipes are generally 3 to 8 rows. The tube bundle series can be up to 12 meters long. The outer diameter of the light pipe is usually 25 mm and 38 mm, the fin height is generally 12-15 mm, and the tube bundle width is 100-3000 mm. The finned tube is the core element of the air cooler, and its form and material directly affect the performance of the equipment. The tube can be made of carbon steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.; the fin material is determined according to the use environment and manufacturing process, mostly industrial pure aluminum, and copper is also used in the case of high anti-corrosion requirements or special manufacturing process conditions Or stainless steel.

Unlike air cooler mould, the trash can is something we can often see, so naturally, we will know a little bit more about dustbin mould than air cooler.