The number of Air Jordan 1 Mids on the schedule is impressive. In New Sale Jordan a short period of time, the brand not only increased the list of silhouettes of adults, but also increased the list of children, which can be said to be the loudest voice heard by the latter audience since the beginning of 2021. First of all, sewing does not come from your typical spoon. Each contrast does not complement their background, but uses bright Volt lines to describe the midsole and each panel in detail. Below-although partly standard for white fixtures-the color palette is just as strong, with the diamond ripple covering being dyed a vivid aqua blue. Alternating dark and royal tones sat on the opposite side, bringing the same attention to Swoosh, collar and brand.

Before Game 4 of the 2020-21 NBA Eastern Conference Finals, New 2021 Jordans announced the Nike Zoom Monster 3, Giannis Antetokounpo's latest iconic sneaker. Similar to other recent proposals made by Nike Basketball (ie Zoom GT Cut), the next shoe for the Milwaukee Bucks forward is to create and attack space in a new and more effective way. In this regard, the design team of the model developed some updates between the third and second signature sneakers of "Greek Freak". The latest model maintains the lower top shape, but the internal setting is also close to the ground, allowing tighter control through the tighter ground feel. Like Antetokounpo's previous silhouettes, the upcoming new style includes Zoom air units under the feet to help absorb energy and provide responsiveness.

Nike (Nike) Klein (Klein) men's performance shoes creative director Sr. Air Jordan 6 Bordeaux said: "One of the characteristics of his athletic ability is to quickly transfer energy from one leg to the other. Adjust the gap between the body. "(Giannis) can also work with all the different angles of his feet when driving to the basket, so we want to outline the design to suit his step-by-step transition. "A quick glance at the upper will reveal a significant change in Zoom Freak 2. An engineered fabric extends to the upper part of the shoe, improving breathability while maintaining the 26-year-old foot. The new upper belt ensures His center of gravity will not slide over the sole, which is necessary for a game that relies on physical superiority and shortens the gap between the body and the basket. Finally, the multi-directional pattern of the sole draws inspiration from the past Nike basketball designs. The design has been tested and verified, and Giannis has undoubtedly left his mark on this roster.